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In Decathlon, I was working in the footwear-design innovation team. We worked on special projects for different categories of sports, directly with engineers in order to identify and solve the problems.
I was in charge of this project, a running-shoe helping the runner to run with less and less cushioning.
It is a fact that running with no cushioning is much better for the body, as it pushes the runner to run on the forefoot and use his own body to absorb all the shocks. The problem is that the runner is used to run with cushioning and can’t go straight to barefoot-running. So he needs a shoe to help him adapt his run, going from high to very low cushioning.
This shoe combines different parts, like an inner sock and an overlay support-cage able to welcome the different cushioning parts made of molded EVA. 
This concept is pattented, you can have more informations by clicking on this link.



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