ADIDAS ZX10000 C  

New upper on existing midsole 

creative direction : Jacques Chassaing
development : Manuel Suarez Prat
product manager : George Griffin
colorway : Nina Gottlieb x Charles Lovett ( x Overkill and Qu0te )
The classic adidas ZX line is enjoying quite a revival as of late thanks to the ZX 10.000C
First teased at the “ZX: Roots Of Running” exhibition this past fall, the “Supercolor” ZX 10.000C features a mix of tones both earthy and airy for a look that’s retro and brand-new all at the same time. Using tans and browns as the base, a plentiful scoop of colorful accents is doled out via an almost cotton candy-esque combo of light sky blue and coral orange on the midfoot and toebox. The fusion of styles is then continued down below, as tan and orange also join forces on the midsole. Black mesh makes a brief appearance on the quarter, and the shoe is then completed by a set of interchangeable neon yellow deubres — allowing the wearer to choose between an adidas Running logo or the adidas Consortium handshake graphic.
First prototype of the ZX 10000 C, shot in Jacques Chassaing 's office. First design review with the team.

adidas  " ROOTS OF RUNNING " exhibition 


We saw the vibrant 90s in reunited Berlin with all its different facets such as graffiti, hedonistic underground techno clubs and enough space for those who want to give free rein to their creativity. In this era, OVERKILL was born and our DNA was defined. Moreover, a very special chapter in sneaker history has been opened: the iconic four-digit ZX series by adidas hit the market and delighted many people with its diversity in models and colours. 

The new model, which unmistakably carries the ZX-DNA, results from teamwork by creative adidas designers and it optically blends in perfectly with the ZX history. In addition, Jacques Chassaing, who was decisively involved in the development of the ZX series in the 1980s, contributed valuable tips and ideas with his in-depth knowledge.

The upper of the ZX is combined with a Cushion sole which was also used for the Equipment series. This creates a connection between two different concepts that shaped adidas in the 1990s.For the market launch of this new silhouette, OVERKILL has been honored to design its own ZX 10.000 C in collaboration with adidas Consortium.
The inspiration for our version came from the 4-digit ZX models. Their legendary colourways have always been among our favorites. To express our passion for these models, we’ve selected the most iconic of these colorways and incorporatedthem into the design of the ZX 10.000 C – a “best of”, so to speak. The challenge was to place this multitude of strong colours on the model. But we wouldn’t be OVERKILL if we hadn’t found a way! The model name is based on the adidas Torsion slogan from the original campaign in 1989 but with a twist:

“I WANT , I CAN!” has evolved to: “I CAN IF I WANT” in a tongue in cheek nod to what really makes this pack extra special.

The OVERKILL x adidas Consortium ZX 10.000 C “I CAN IF I WANT” consists of the regular pair, plus another single shoe in a completely different colourway*, which complements the homage to the 1000 ZX series. All three shoes together will come in one oversized box, held in the design of the original 90s ZX boxes. For the first time we are offering the consumer a choice in how they want to wear the shoe, from the true homage ZX 1000 – ZX 9000 oddity pair – or the ZX 5000 – 9000 “hydra” pair. What you do with the third shoe is up to you! Wear the true homage, choose to display the shoe or try and purchase or swap the other foot from another ZX lover so you can wear the blue one as a pair too! Encompassing the attitude of “I WANT, I CAN” in a truly personalized story of “I CAN IF I WANT”. It’s Completely up to you!

* The singular shoe is picked at random and customer could have a chance of it being a left or a right!

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