“For FW20, Y-3 presents a fusion of disparate sporting designs, merging stadium and street aesthetics into a single collection that addresses the forward-thinking assertion of:
“The Street is the New Stadium”
We looked at traditional sports like fencing, gymnastics and archery, but we wanted to clash them with things that have come up from the streets like running, basketball or skateboard in this case"
The Hokori looks at that whole era of fat skate shoes, with basketball references in the mix. A mix of premium materials come together to create a bold, low-top silhouette, emphasized with a thick outsole. After being available in woman-sizes only, this season we launch it in men's sizes too.”

New upper
development : Oury Hermes
product manager : Lukas Ruprecht
midsole design : Maarika Karm
creative direction, colors and materials : Aurélien Longo


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