" Pharrell Williams brings his creative vision into a 10-piece basketball collection, highlighting unity and identity through it’s recurring thumbprint motif and tie-dye palette. At the centre of the collection is the brand new 0-60 performance basketball sneaker. Crafted in a high-top silhouette with bold outsole and adjustable sockliner combines precision fit and superior comfort." adidas

"Pharrell and adidas Originals have tapped everything from the Chinese New Year to traditional East African weaving patterns for design inspiration, but now the two are looking to sport with a new basketball-themed collection. Consisting of seven footwear styles accompanied by matching apparel, the latest from Skateboard P and adidas‘s lifestyle division uses bright colors, bold prints, elegant materials and special branding in equal measures.

Based off the Crazy BYW 2.0, the 0 to 60 STMT — which may be short for “statement” — is a high-cut design that looks like a cross between a motorcycle shoe and a boxing boot. Uppers feature a warm-weather ready mix of yellow, blue and green shades, all of which blend and fade together in abstract fashion. A Three Stripes graphic trimmed with orange embroidery swoops across the midfoot, and is interrupted by an asymmetrical zipper which works with a collar strap to provide lockdown. Crazy BYW-style suede overlays in light yellow and cool grey sit over the forefoot, midfoot and heel, with a small Hu branded hit appearing on the collar strap. Midsoles are all Crazy BYW 2.0, with podular BOOST cushioning ensconced in nude-toned rubber and accents provided by a grey/blue midfoot shank." Hypebeast

Upper only

creative direction : Pharrell Williams
colour and materials : adidas Originals Statement PDX team under Brian Foresta lead
midsole design : Jonathan Guisbert
development : Echo Volz Suhong
product manager : Stuart Davis
This was not the first project I worked on in a collaboration with Pharrell Williams, but this is certainly the most crazy. 
His idea was to create a basketball shoe that would visually feel like a motocross-boot. ​​​​​​​
Each time as start a new project, I first go dig into the adidas archives to see if we can somehow reference the brand. 
I found these ski-boots from the late 90ies. I immediately felt in love with the design and details and decided to mock-up some visuals using these, to present to Pharrell (see below sketch and mash-up renderings).

His reaction was priceless and this gave me another reason to put all my energy into the making of the shoe.
This one was one of the first sketches of the project. The initial goal was to use the "BoostYourWear-1" midsole developed by both adidas Basketball and Originals, but we then decided to move on with the next generation midsole (designed by Jonathan Guisbert from the adidas Originals PDX team).

One of the first challenges we faced was the strapping system around the ankle. 
We wanted to be as close as a motocross or ski boot, but we could not use any hard piece on the upper which could hurt the player on the court. 
So we decided to design this stretch neoprene wrapping strap, attached with velcro to the lateral side.
Beautiful work from the colours-and-materials team in adidas Portland.

"A collection that unites people in the spirit of sport, competition and creativity. Its colourful apparel line-up highlights the notion of unity through a tie-dye palette and recurring thumbprint overlay graphics. The collection celebrates on-court basketball performance and off-court fandom, uniting these worlds through the shared passion for the game."
photo : MoreSneakers

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