Because Life is too short to only be designing shoes :-)
In 2016 I set up myself a new challenge : design a backpack for my own needs as a part-time photographer ( ). I took me few months to understand how to design an accessory like this. It was completely new to me and very different compared to footwear-design. 

"Utilitarian in its nature adidas DAY ONE collection combines technical performance with street-worthy style. Designed for the urban explorer, this backpack offers convenient storage and access to all of your essentials. A detachable camera bag inside the main compartment and a removable travel pouch on the left shoulder strap let you customise the pack to suit your needs."

Camera backpack
retail price : 200€
development : Kate Ridgwell, Liv Montuori
product manager : Olivia Fernandez, Darryl Charles

Have a look at my photography work there : 

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